Classical Ballet Academy has phenomenal training with a faculty that will prepare young dancers for a future in the professional world of ballet. After experiencing training all over the world, I can easily say Classical Ballet Academy is the one I will always choose when I’m in LA.
— Brooke D

“The Best in the West!”

Crystal and Star Peterson are the top in their field.
As an adult returning to ballet, I have greatly benefitted from Crystal's excellent and dedicated instruction. Her Floor Barre is the best in the West!
Crystal teaches the most authentic, effective Floor Barre. Her clear instruction has given me strength, length and has helped to heal injuries and long time muscle imbalances that I've struggled with. I noticed the difference after my first class. She calls it the "secret weapon" which it its because of the strength and healing it gives your body to re-align and support you in all styles of dancing and in life.

— Dianne C.

“Professional Training and Tons of One on One Attention”

If you want a studio that will turn you into a better dancer, this is the place to go. You get professional training and tons of one on one attention. The dancers here are focused and determined. Ive been dancing on and off for 20+ years, and Ive tried over a dozen studios, this place by far has the best teaching and technique. The dancers here are very welcoming and supportive, not competitive with one another like most studios. The parents are very involved, yet not your typical "stage parent with attitude." Theres no attitude at this studio. You come to work and train, no drama!

— Lisa M.

As a parent, I cannot recommend this studio highly enough. My daughter loves attending classes here and practically goes through ballet-withdraws whenever on a break. -Tasha B.
— My nine-year-old daughter has been taking classes here since the age of six. I can unequivocally say she has thrived under the instruction at this studio. The proprietors are of the highest quality. Star and Crystal (mother and daughter team) take a "firm-but-kind" approach to teaching which challenges, yet also appropriately rewards; they expertly instill the value of discipline and hard work without overbearing. Young girls are taught that hard work pays off, and that it is difficult, however, not impossible to excel at something as complex as classical ballet. They challenge the students to take the class seriously and work their hardest to achieve their best. Due to this attitude of high yet reasonable expectations, like any good coach, the outcome is fantastic. A few things to note: 1) personal attention is constantly provided to each student individually making sure their form and technique is correct; 2) if parents have any concerns they are quick to come to a solution (i.e.: any type of soreness, difficulty performing a certain exercise--they are constantly looking closely at how she is performing the exercise to see how it can be improved, for her health and performance, vacations, etc.); 3) they expect punctual and dedicated participation--this is not daycare, they are professionals, and both parents and students understand they're not playing around here--this is the real deal. Already at the lower levels, students learn proper ballet vocabulary and technique to provide a solid base upon which to build future aspirations. The bottom line really is that the instructors work as hard as the students in making sure their efforts are well rewarded. The top level dancers at the annual studio recitals show what is possible and it's genuinely amazing stuff. We sat through a two-hour, fully choreographed, fully staged show last year with the whole studio performing (including the four-year-old and 60-year-old students!), and I kid you not, it was fantastic. As a parent, I cannot recommend this studio highly enough. My daughter loves attending classes here and practically goes through ballet-withdraws whenever on a break. My husband and I have always taken the approach of encouraging what our children both enjoy AND are capable of in life without forcing it, and our daughter now loves the challenge. We have watched her flourish under their care and look forward to seeing her through future years.

“The teachers are very hands on and want to see you progress!”

Great place if you want to learn ballet and continue dancing injury free. This place is great for young dancers of all ages and levels and adults as well. This is the place if you want to get the most out of coming to class with great instructors and information provided in all classes taught. The teachers are very hands on and want to see you progress. They also offer Floor Barre, which is very hard to find. Adults are also welcome to take most of the classes scheduled as long as they are in the appropriate level, so this means you can take pointe classes and variations classes as an adult! So hard to find if you are not an academy student.

— A.P.

“An amazing classical ballet instructor with a wealth of expert knowledge”

I trained with Crystal Peterson in my late teens/early twenties. I am so happy to have found her again!! An amazing classical ballet instructor with a wealth of expert knowledge. At 45 I am again feeling the joy of Floor Barre & classical ballet. I would recommend this academy to the focused ballet student all the way through to a beginner adult.

— Hillary F.


“Their Floor Barre class is addictive!”

The teachers at Classical Ballet Academy in Altadena are brilliant technicians.  They give insightful critiques that help you progress no matter what your age.  Their Floor Barre class is addictive.  This is the class that will build you strong, help prevent injuries, and upgrade your technique. As an older dancer I have found this class to be invaluable and an incredible workout. Their pointe classes (sometimes offered to adults) are amazing.  The curriculum they employ builds the feet strong and reinforces correct turn out and alignment.  I highly recommend CBA if you're looking to further your progress or get back into dancing shape.

— Hope F.

This is the best studio there is— Melissa U
— The training and instruction at this studio is exceptional. Crystal and Star incorporate in their teaching an understanding of technique, alignment, biophysics, musicality and artistry in a way that no one else does. Whether you are new to ballet, pursuing a professional career, or simply keeping in shape, this is the best studio there is.

"A positive, dynamic dance environment, for both pros and amateurs who love the art of ballet."

Classical Ballet Academy is a wonderful facility where serious ballet dancers of all levels are helped to progress and develop. Crystal Peterson provides expert instruction, filled with insight and artistry. An impressive number of her young dancers are accepted into professional programs. Adult dancers, like myself, also improve, learning how to overcome past limitations with proper technique. CBA is a positive, dynamic dance environment, for both pros and amateurs who love the art of ballet.

— Joan M.

“Their Studio is beautiful, and the students are focused and determined”

Honestly, I love this place. It's been a few years since I've been but it's a really really great studio. Crystal Peterson is such a great and experienced instructor- always pushing you past your limits and supportive.  Great improvement has been made while I was here and it didn't take long either. Their Studio is beautiful, and the students are focused and determined.  It's a great environment. Classes are awesome too if I didn't mention that.  They really work on you and you just fall in love with ballet all over again. I really wish I was apart of their studio again. I'm definitely coming back here and no where else.

— Brianna Q.


“Puts emphasis on growing independence that I believe builds confidence”

My daughter has been training with Star & Crystal for the last three years since she was eight.  She has strengthened her technique exponentially with their guidance.  Although recitals are infrequent, end of the year demonstrations and a very open door policy for parents to view in the lobby through out the year, keeps me assured of her progress.  It is serious training, and the small studio has provided my young dancer with plenty of detailed feedback and instruction.  Dancers are taught to note adjustments given, learn to sew their own ribbons and prepare their hair for class very young.  They are encouraged to take care of themselves as dancers, avoid injury and take conditioning (floor barre) to this effort.   All of these things puts emphasis on growing independence that I believe builds confidence.  Vagnova as their base pedagogy,  has given us clear focus of the goals and pacing at each level.  My young dancer has now joined master classes and moved with ease into a well-regarded summer intensive testing her skills.  Ballet can be intense, but she loves it and she loves her home studio.

— Desharae D.

"Superb Instruction in classical ballet with opportunities to perform. Supportive environment for kids, teens and adults!! - Ariel C